Sell Apple Gift Card For Cash

sell apple itunes giftcard

With the trend of being scammed of your gift cards online, delving into trading of gift cards can be a rather risky venture. However, as difficult as it may seem to get a trusted platform to sell your apple gift cards, we are a reliable and trusted platform where you can trade fearlessly.

BitcoinBarter is a site dedicated to the buying and selling of gift cards such as apple store gift cards where people in possession of gift card that are not needed for personal use can have them exchanged for Naira. On this platform, service quality is assured without compromising payment speed. You get paid for your gift cards within a few minutes and you can sell your unwanted gift cards online at the best of rates when you sell them on BitcoinBarter.

How to Sell your Apple Gift Card on BitcoinBarter


5 simple steps to take if you want to sell your Apple gift card for instant naira:

  1. Make sure the apple card is still valid and has not been redeemed into another account.
  2. We can buy with or without receipt
  3. You can convert your card by contacting us on Whatsapp. At 08136700565.
  4. We will give you the price and once you agree, upload gift card and wait.
  5. Be patient, apple cards take time to redeem.
  6. If the card is good, we proceed to payment.

Why Trust BitcoinBarter?


As we all know, not all gift cards trading platforms have good intentions as there are a thousand and one scammers out there masquerading as gift card platforms. However, some qualities seem to stand the man from the boys. Out of the sea of scammers, BitcoinBarter is standing out as it possesses the underlisted qualities and much more.

  1. Reliability: BitcoinBarter was started on the ground of loyalty, genuineness and of course, reliability. On here, you can sleep with your two eyes closed and be assured that your gift cards are in safe hands.
  1. Good rates: No doubts, there are trading platforms that offer you good rates for your gift cards but here on Bitcoinbarter, we offer you the best rate in the market.
  1. Quick Response: What is a trading platform without sales agents that respond promptly? Here, we believe every minute is precious and we have no intention to waste your time. You are assured of active sales agents and swift customer service.
  1. Instant payment and flexible payment option: As soon as your card is confirmed, you can be sure you will be credited instantly, whatever way you want to be paid.

Ready To Trade?


Contact us on WhatsApp at 08136700565 or click here.